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Sega Saturn News (Archive) - Page 6

SS - hg SRP v3.0 Gold Edition is out Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsThis year, summer holidays (2 weeks that are over now) don't let me do everything I wanted. Working in my new house doesn't let me a lot of free time.

However, I had time to finish the new version of SRP, this little tool that let you patch Sega Saturn images. In fact, I mostly finished it in March, and this week I just made the web part of it (migration of the tech db on the server and adding a new page on the site). So now, my webpage is located at

So what's new with SRP v3.0 Gold Edition:
 - SRP now works under Windows Vista. If anyone can test it on Windows 7, let me know how it works.
 - SRP now reconstructs the EDC and ECC fields automatically for RAW Mode images. So no need to use CDmage anymore.
 - SRP allows direct drag and drop for CD images.
 - SRP lets you change the header for first and third party. It is only useful for people that own a Sega Saturn boot disc.
 - SRP links to 2 different databases: the old tech db (that has been migrated from to and the games and demos database. I continue to work on each database (the project is NOT over) but I didn't updated the online db yet.

SRP v3.0 Gold Edition is available at
 Author: Madroms Sun Aug 23, 2009 - 09:36 am
SS - hg One Sega Saturn Game A Day Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsOne Sega Saturn Game A Day ? What a great scheme it is!! :D This is our new RSS Feed:

It will let you randomly discover one game per day (or demo), easily on your favorite RSS reeder (or directly on The RSS feed was created on Thusday, 28 May 2009 so there are already 4 games/demos to check out. So go and see which ones are covered ;)

 Author: Madroms Sun May 31, 2009 - 09:25 am
SS - hg RSS Powered Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsRSS is now RSS powered! You will find the link to the RSS Feed on the right directly on

I will play a little with RSS this week and you will probably get a new and special RSS Feed next week ;)
 Author: Madroms Sun May 24, 2009 - 12:17 pm
SS - hg Sega Saturn Discovery Channel Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsWith our mostly complete photos database of Sega Saturn games and demos (grand total of 2119 photos right now), it is time to do something fresh with them.

Do you want to check some photos in one page and see if you know the Sega Saturn titles covered ?

Do you want to discover or rediscover what has been made on the Sega Saturn ?

Ok, so go try our Sega Saturn Discovery Channel. I am sure you will see some stuff that you will never saw before and stuff that you will not know they have existed on the Sega Saturn ;)

Edit: Patch applied for IE users: the photos were not refreshed when you refreshed the page. Now all the things must work :D

On a side note, I added an animated favicon to the main page. Also, the site is now Konami Code powered :D
 Author: Madroms Sun May 17, 2009 - 05:54 am
SS - hg One update, one review Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - MurazameHell'o

Un seul article en attendant plus dans le courant du mois si tout va bien. L'heureux élu est quelque peu atypique dans son genre, un tantinet sadique aussi et réservé aux amoureux du stick, bien entendu:

- Steam-Heart-s


 Author: Murazame Wed May 06, 2009 - 06:58 am
SS - hg Update video Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - AstaHi ! 3 months without news, it's time for me to update 4 videos on Satakore.

First, 3 beautiful racing game ^^ :

Gale Racer JPN [GS-9003] cover Race Drivin' JPN [T-4802G] cover Time Warner Interactive's V.R. Virtua Racing JPN [T-4803G] cover

And the famous Sonic compilation

Sonic Jam JPN [GS-9147] cover

See you !
 Author: Asta Sun Apr 05, 2009 - 03:31 am
SS - hg Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2 and CPK Viewer Source Codes Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsAs promised to some of you last year, I release today the source code of my Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2.
The program has been developped with the Saturn Orbit suite installed. You can find the Saturn Orbit setup at The Rockin'-B.

When you have the Saturn Orbit suite installed on your PC, you got a "SaturnOrbit" directory created on your "c:" HD. You must decompress my source code on this directory. It will create a "Madroms" directory on "c:\SaturnOrbit\EXAMPLES".
Inside of the "Madroms" dir, you will find:

  D2SGM Vol. 2 source code in the "D2SGM2 with CPK" dir. It has all the things you need to compile the program. Please read the "_README.TXT" file to know how to.

  CPKViewer source code in the "CPKViewer" dir. It has source codes from the official Sega Saturn Cinepak Library Ver 1.20. Please also read the "_README.TXT".

In the "CPKViewer\Tools" directory, you will also find:
     AviToSaturn program from Earl K. Stratton. I used it to make the .cpk files for the D2SGM2, but you must use it with specific params and it has some limits. Please read the "AvitoSaturn(CPK) help.txt" text file inside the AviToSaturn.rar to know how to use it and what are the limits of the orgram.

     The .iso of the official Sega Saturn Cinepak Library Ver 1.20 (PC and Mac cd, only the Mac has the Movie_to_Saturn application that can create .cpk files).

I hope it will help the Sega Saturn homebrew community to grow. Also, I hope some of you will be able to modify the AviToSaturn program or create their own tool to make great .cpk video.

Download the Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2 and CPK Viewer Source Codes (705 MB). You can also find it on the D2SGM Vol. 2 page.

 Author: Madroms Sun Mar 22, 2009 - 05:15 am
SS - hg Six videos for starting this year. Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - AstaFirst of all, happy new year 2009 for all saturn fans ;)

I've made six videos about action, shooting, plateform and racing game.

Batsugun JPN [T-20605G] cover Daytona USA Circuit Edition JPN [GS-9100] cover Elevator Action² Returns JPN [T-19903G] cover Metal Black JPN [T-19902G] cover Metal Black (Satakore) JPN [T-19909G] cover Scorcher USA [81214] cover Silhouette Mirage JPN [T-32901G] cover Silhouette Mirage (Satakore) JPN [T-32903G] cover

That'all for this time. Bye ;)
 Author: Asta Sun Jan 11, 2009 - 03:40 am
SS - hg Merry Christmas 2008 Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsIt's Christmas time, again! This year, I had another batch of Dezaemon 2 games given by the Japanese community. So, I made another tool, the Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2 that can be grabbed here:
- The Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2

This year the tool contains 74 games. For each game, you can listen to one music sample and watch a video and some screenshots. The D2SGM2 contains a total of 1706 screenshots/pictures, 104 music samples and 74 videos.
Videos on homebrew Saturn programs is something new. As we don't have high level tools to make cinepak videos, if we make high quality videos they will not run smoothly on a real Saturn and there will be a lot of flickering. I hope some good programmers could make some great programs in the future to convert videos to Cinepak that can be handle well by the Saturn.

Each game has always 5 save game slots (named DEZA2___._01 to DEZA2___._05), all of them are the same. Just choose the one you want to copy. They are all recognized by Dezaemon 2 game (DEZA2___._01 = slot 1, and so on).

The D2SGM2 works on 352x240 resolution, so you need a RGB compatible TV to see all the lines on screen (info taken from the Sega Saturn programming doc). Else, you can try using the highres mode implemented (704x480 resolution) but I don't know if it resolves the problem.
The D2SGM2 must work on all Sega Saturn. I only tested it on EUR and JPN saturn with RGB cable on RGB compatible TVs, and all works well.

This tool has been made with the help of:
- Rockin'B: thanks for your Save Game Manager and your advices
- IGK: really thanks for your help, your confidence and the beta tests you made + all the musics you recorded and all the videos you made!
- NENG: thanks for your beautiful musics!
- vbt: thanks for your help on Saturn coding and your advices
- darius: thanks for the AR and PC COMMS Card
- Raynex: Thanks for your beautiful intro screen!
- all the members of The Dezaemoners community for their superb works

The Games and Musics that can be found on the D2SGM2 are copyright by Athena, A2TA, GISHU, HONG-KONG, IGK, ITON, Kenichiro, KEROYON, KONNICHIHA, leimonZ, mo4444, NENG, oda, Raynex, Sak, SAWAGANI, Shilfy-Yo, Shinichi Mochizuki, Shu Tokutomi, Soft Bank, TOROPICA and ttechi.
I really want to thanks once again all the members of the Dezaemon 2 community for their wonderful works and for sharing them with us, and IGK for the work he did on this project. Without them, all of this would not have been possible.

Don't forget to visit the japanese Dezaemon Community website: The Dezaemoners

About the Dezaemon 2 database, I updated it with some new games. And as always, IGK helped me a lot and made all the videos available on Youtube for them. He did a great work again! Thanks guy!!

Now, I will let you browse the database and test our new D2SGM2. You will probably have hundreds of hours of play.

Merry Christmas 2008!!
 Author: Madroms Thu Dec 25, 2008 - 08:37 am
SS - hg Pinball party Sega Saturn News - Pin it SS - hd
SS - bg SS - bd
Sega Saturn - Author - AstaPinball games on Saturn are very fun and beautiful (thanks to the high resolution !)

Digital Pinball Last Gladiators JPN [T-18901G] cover Digital Pinball Necronomicon JPN [T-18902G] cover Pinball Graffiti JPN [T-9101G] cover

And i updated a video for Hyper Duel (arcade mode):

Hyper Duel JPN [T-1809G] cover

See ya.
 Author: Asta Wed Dec 10, 2008 - 03:05 pm

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