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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Lingerie Store?
The Lingerie Store is a space for you to find the best auctions and items offered by thousands of sellers on the online auction site eBay. Although lingerie has nothing to do with video games, this part of the site was developed for my wife and her friends. Previously accessible only to them, I decided to share it with all our visitors.

Why using our site? What does he give you more than other sites? How to find the best items?
By using our site, you will be able to quickly find all the items offered for sale on eBay. We have developed a tool that lets you have, for each searched item, all the items listed on eBay, all of them with just one click and on just a single page. This tool, we offer it for free, with no charge.
The main advantage of our tool is that you do not have to do yourself multiple searches and you do not have to think about the best search keywords to use. Indeed, 3 main difficulties are found when searching for items:
  • eBay is split into several national sites (US, GB, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, etc.). When you do a search on eBay ( for example), you almost never see items for sale on other national sites (,, etc.) unless the seller has paid for the option that put its sales on several sites, which, unfortunately, is not often the case. Therefore, if you want to see all the items for sale in order to make the best choice, you are forced to do a search on every eBay sites, which takes much more time. Added to this are the duplicate items you will find on several eBay sites, items for which the seller has paid for the international site visibility listing upgrade.
  • Although eBay is organized into categories, sellers must choose by themselves in which categories and subcategories to list their items, which does not ensure perfect homogeneity: the same item put on sale by several sellers could be found listed in different categories.
  • Search is made with keywords. As a buyer, you need to think about the best keyword or the best combination of words to find the item you are looking for. It requires that you will try several times to find the right keywords that let you have, as the result, the items for sale you are looking for. Moreover, according to the keywords you are using, you can succeed in having good results but also:
    • you can have results polluted with bad contents and items that do not interest you. This is the case when your search is too broad or generic, and that you were not defined your keyword well enough.
    • you can have missing results because you used keywords that are too specific and/or because sellers have not used the same keywords to define the items they have for sale, or sometimes they misspelled some words. Because of this, you are missing some items that interest you, without knowing it.
All of these difficulties have been mastered directly by our tool, you don't have to even think about them. Knowing that some of our keywords use more than 350 characters, consider how many hours we put on our tool, and how many hours you will save by using it!

You still want to do your own searches?
No problem, we thought about it. We left you the opportunity to do your own searches, with your own keywords, for all the brands you want. This allows you to have results of all national eBay site on just one page.
In addition, you can also use our tool to do searches on any item, even if it is not related to lingerie.

Some tips

For each brand listed on the Lingerie Store, you will find a colored square before the brand's name:
  • Green square: the database for this brand has been created. So you will find a list of items for which we worked on search keywords.
  • Blue square: the database for this brand has not been created yet. A generic search for the brand is performed. You can then narrow the search by using your own search leywords.

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