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Staff (in alphabetical order):

  • Asta  Asta

    • Activities: Reviews, Videos' updates
    • In love with the Sega Saturn since: 24 December 1995
    • Personal selection: Radiant Silvergun, Sky Target, Battle Garegga, Manx TT, Daytona USA, Touring Car, Sega Rally, Exhumed, Digital Pinball
    • If you have to keep only one of them, which one would it be? And why? Radiant Silvergun: Treasure undestood all the things about video games. Total Immersion, a scenario with a touch of philosophy, This is the game that sums up by its own the definition of "video game".
    • Comments:
    • Best site(s) ever? Terre de jeux ^^
    • Most psychologically despised hardware: Sega 32X: too expensive, inefficient in 3D and the addition of another PSU.

  • Madroms  Madroms

    • Activities: Coder, Developer, Databases Maker, etc.
    • In love with the Sega Saturn since: 2001
    • Personal selection: All of them ;)
    • If you have to keep only one of them, which one would it be? And why? I don't like to keep only one, there are too much good games on the Sega Saturn.
    • Comments: Keep comin' at
    • Most psychologically despised hardware: Probably all those new hardwares that keep failing (RROD, etc.)

  • Manjimaru  Manjimaru

    • Activities: Retired - orignal co-creator of
    • In love with the Sega Saturn since: 1995
    • Personal selection: Hyper Duel, Radiant Silvergun, Crows The Battle Action, Guardian Heroes, Sega Rally, Virtua Fighter 2, Saturn Bomberman, Layer Section, Thunderforce V, Street Fighter Zero 3
    • If you have to keep only one of them, which one would it be? And why? It's not possible to choose only one title as I would keep the entire Sega Saturn Collection. Apart from this and to answer the question, Hyper Duel is my favorite shoot'em'up on this system and would give all my interest.
    • Comments: Just wanted to thank all the current & former Satakore staff, as a "retired" member I can just applause them and thank them for making that website a "must visit" on the net for all Saturn & retrogaming fans.
    • Best site(s) ever? (of course), and ( lol )
    • Most psychologically despised hardware: Playstation systems generally speaking, I owned PS1 & PS2, had some great games on these systems but there is something I can't explain about the machines and controllers... something that makes me sick... weird!!

  • Murazame  Murazame

    • Activities: Screenshots, Reviews, Database, Translations, etc.
    • In love with the Sega Saturn since: 26 December 1995
    • Personal selection: All of them with spinecards, indeed ; ) More seriously: Tactics Ogre, Langrisser IV, Langrisser Dramatic Edition, Radiant Silvergun, Shining Force III series, Sengoku Blade, Akumajou Dracula X, Nanatsu Kaze no Shima Monogatari, Tengai Makyou "The Apocalypse IV", Saturn Bomberman, Culdcept, Sega Rally Championship, Vampire Savior, Sakura Taisen I&II, Panzer Dragoon II.
    • If you have to keep only one of them, which one would it be? And why? Radiant Silvergun, because it does its job perfectly at being a puzzle-game, a shooting-game and an adventure-game at the same time! ; )
    • Comments:
    • Best site(s) ever? Guardiana and Hardcore Gaming 101
    • Most psychologically despised hardware: PLAYSTATION 2 for so many reasons.

  • Rysley  Rysley

    • Activities: I'm still working on the Saturn Covers section even if the updates are pretty sporadic...
    • In love with the Sega Saturn since: In love since the first time I played at Panzer Dragoon some time before the console was released in France, in July 95
    • Personal selection: Panzer Dragoon Saga, Dragon Force, Shining Force III trilogie, Guardian Heroes, Sega Rally, Enemy Zero, Nights...
    • If you have to keep only one of them, which one would it be? And why? Azel Panzer Dragoon Saga, because I always loved the world of Panzer Dragoon and I am a fan of RPGs, the game is super immersive, the atmosphere is extroardinaire and the soundtrack is a piece of anthology, one weakness: it is too short...
    • Comments: Soon...
    • Best site(s) ever? Consolemul during the glory years of the site at the end of the nineties and at the beginning of this century
    • Most psychologically despised hardware: I don't despise any machine, just the XBOX360 RROD

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