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Atlantis - Secrets d'un monde oublié


Atlantis - Secrets d'un monde oublié is an Adventure game, developed by Cryo Interactive Entertainment and published by Sega Enterprises, Ltd., which was released in France in 1996 for the Sega Saturn.

Alt. title: Atlantis - The Lost Tales (Europe)

Translated title: Atlantis - Secrets of a Forgotten World

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Region: Europe - France
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Cryo Interactive Entertainment
Publisher: Sega Enterprises, Ltd.
Release Date: 1996
Release Price: Unknown
Box / Packaging: Plastic EU Case
Number of Players: 1
Age Rating: Sega Saturn Database - Unsuitable for People Under 11
Official Barcode
Sega Saturn Database - Barcode (EAN): 5012967995447
Peripheral(s) Compatibility: Control Pad
External Cartridge Required: None
Compatible with VideoCD Card: No
Rarity Rating:
Price Rating:

Sega Saturn Hardware Compatibility

In Game Text and Voice
In the Manual
On the Back Cover

Game Ratings
Satakore User Rating
5 / 10
1 Rating
Sega Saturn Magazine (UK)65 %
JoyPad (Fr)66 %
MegaForce (Fr)73 %
Player One (Fr)82 %

Usage of Memory Backup: Yes
Minimum Memory Required: 2
Type of Backup: Game Progress
Type of Video Files: Proprietary Format (In The .BIG File )
Type of Sound and Music Files: Unknown
Omake / Bonus(es) on CD: None

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#ItemInternal Code / Catalog
3Plastic EU CaseNone
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Sega Saturn Game - Atlantis - Secrets d'un monde oublié (Europe - France) [MK81091-09] - Picture #1

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