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Astra Superstars for sale



Astra Superstars (アストラスーパースターズ) is a Fighting 2D game, developed by SunSoft / Santaclaus and published by SunSoft, which was released in Japan in 1998 for the Sega Saturn.

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Sega Saturn Game - Astra Superstars (Japan) [T-1521G] - Cover

Region: Japan
Developer: SunSoft / Santaclaus
Publisher: SunSoft
Release Date: 1998-08-06
Release Price: 5800 Yens

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20 items found
Sega Saturn  Astra Superstars SS Sunsoft  No obi retro games home game software
Item location: JP
Seller: otaku_japan555 (154) [100.0%]

Astra Superstars Game Soundtrack CD Sega Saturn SUN SOFT
Item location: JP
Seller: koufukujapan (3403) [99.3%]

ASTRA SUPERSTARS Sega Saturn 2616 ss
Item location: JP
Seller: hit-japan (178907) [99.6%]

Sega Saturn Software Astra Superstars
Item location: JP
Seller: avant_garde_du_villageoise (718) [99.2%]

Sunsoft Astra Superstars Sega Saturn Software
Item location: JP
Seller: buuchan_jp (14) [100.0%]

Sega ASTRA SUPERSTARS Sega Saturn Software SS Home Video Game From Japan
Item location: JP
Seller: console-game-japan (1455) [96.0%]

Sega Saturn Soft Model Number  Astra Superstars Sunsoft
Item location: JP
Seller: lucky-dragon-tiger (2462) [98.4%]

"Astra Superstars" (Sega Saturn,1998) w/Spine from Japan
Item location: JP
Seller: salvage_game_camera_shop (1111) [99.5%]

Sega Saturn Astra Superstars Japanese
Item location: JP
Seller: tokyogoodies (1772) [97.5%]

Sega Saturn Astra Superstars Japan very good condition
Item location: JP
Seller: sakuragijapan (1354) [100.0%]

New Sega Saturn Soft.Astra Superstars
Item location: JP
Seller: gamedotokyo (316) [100.0%]

Astra Superstars SegaSaturn SunSoft T-1521G Japan Import Sega Saturn SS
Item location: JP
Seller: ritroretro (187) [99.5%]

Sega Saturn Soft Astra Superstars
Item location: JP
Seller: tsuhan86 (88) [95.2%]

Astra Superstars Sega Saturn
Item location: JP
Seller: tsuhan86 (88) [95.2%]

Astra Superstars SEGA SATURN Japan Version
Item location: JP
Seller: selectanime (884) [99.5%]

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