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Panzer Dragoon Saga 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
Panzer Dragoon Saga is one of the most sought after title for the Sega Saturn, and acclaimed by a lot of people. Spread over 4 discs, and released at the end of the Saturn's life in Europe and the USA, PDS is one of the most expensive titles in these territories. Due to its price, not a lot of people could have it in their collection, and so not a lot had the chance to play from beginning to the end.

One of our members, known by its Youtube user name therealbluedragon, made a complete run of the European release and shared the videos with us. For a total of 74 videos of approx 10 mins each, you can now watch the full story in about 12 hours, just for your pleasure. You must have seen them if you are a Saturn fans!

Videos available on the Panzer Dragoon Saga page (External Videos).

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