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Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
This week, another update of the Saturn engine. Now, the alpha search is a full part of the saturn engine so you can combine all the other criteria with it.

Also, Videos are back on !! All our old videos are now online and embedded in each game record. To see a full list, just click on the Videos link. 60 games and alternative versions are covered, so there are 52 different videos. Also, some videos are not game specific and can only be found on Google Video directly. They are :
- Satakore Collection
- Luna Silver Star Story Mini Mini Game
- Millenium fire (unreleased Game)
- Fighting Force (Unreleased Game)

You can check all the video by clicking this link (to Google video with "" search criteria). But for an unknown reason, not all videos appear, only 49-50 out of 52 will be listed in the result list. So just check the video section of to get a full list of available videos.

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