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One of our project is online: the Game Basic Database 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
We are working on some "secret" projects for satakore and today, one of them has been put online: The Game Basic Database. We worked (more or less) on this project for about one year, since the day we have released the Lighting Gunner Demo.

The purpose of the Game Basic Database is to become the master list of all the Game Basic programs that have been made. Screenshots, videos and downloadable files are provided for each entry.

14 entries have been filed for the launch of the database. More entries will be added but only when screenshots and videos will be made.

You can now browse the database here: Game Basic Database, and a link has been added in the menu on the left.

vbt from Segaxtreme had and will contribute to this project. Thanks to him for his help.

See ya next week!

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