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Street Fighter Zero week! 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
As requested by one of our user at Youtube, I made a video for Street Fighter Zero 2. In the same time, I also did the video for Street Fighter Zero so every japanese SFZ games got their own one.
To complete the records, I also added the information and little review for all of them and screenshots for SFZ2 and SFZ2'. Differences between these 2 games are also covered in the little review.
Murazame will make the screenshots for SFZ3 later.

Here are the direct links for all the SFZ games:
-Street Fighter Zero
-Street Fighter Zero 2
-Street Fighter Zero 2' (Satakore)
-Street Fighter Zero 3
-Street Fighter Zero 3 (Kakuchou Ram Cartridge 4MB Fuzoku)


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