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Flash Sega Saturn Vol.5

フラッシュ・セガサターン Vol.5


Flash Sega Saturn Vol.5 (フラッシュ・セガサターン Vol.5) is a Compilation demo, published by Sega Enterprises, Ltd., which was released in Japan for the Sega Saturn.

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Sega Saturn Demo - Flash Sega Saturn Vol.5 (Japan) [610-6166-05] - Cover

Japanese Exclusive Release

Region: Japan
Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: Unknown
Release Price: Free
Box / Packaging: Cardboard Sleeve
Number of Players: Unknown
Age Rating: Sega Saturn Database - No Rating has been Set
Official Barcode

Peripheral(s) Compatibility: Unknown
External Cartridge Required: None
Compatible with VideoCD Card: Unknown
Rarity Rating:
Price Rating:

Sega Saturn Hardware Compatibility

In GameUnknown
In the Manual
On the Back Cover
Playability for non-japanese peopleUnknown

Demo Ratings
Satakore User Rating
Unrated at The Moment

Usage of Memory Backup: Unknown
Minimum Memory Required: Unknown
Type of Backup: Unknown
Type of Video Files: Unknown
Type of Sound and Music Files: Unknown
Omake / Bonus(es) on CD: Unknown

Alt. Versions


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Data Collection
5 Items

#ItemInternal Code / Catalog
2Cardboard Sleeve (Manual)None
3Non-Woven CD SleeveNone
5Plastig BagNone
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3 Members

ave / (Total: 1)
Padoca85 - rockieyu / (Total: 2)


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Promo Sleeves

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Picture of the Actual Demo

Sega Saturn Demo - Flash Sega Saturn Vol.5 (Japan) [610-6166-05] - フラッシュ・セガサターン Vol.5 - Picture #1

No Video Available

This demo CD contains:

Playable demos (5):
  - Darius II
  - Dragon Ball Z Idainaru Dragon Ball Densetsu
  - DonPachi
  - Nights Into Dreams...
  - Gekka Mugentan Torico

Non playable demos (1):
  - Rockman X3

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