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Sega Saturn Dezaemon 2 Program Information

Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2

デザエモン2 セーブゲームマネージャ Vol.2



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Developer: Madroms
Collaboration: Rockin'B, vbt, IGK and the Dezaemoners community
Genre: Tool
Release Date: 2008
Number of Players: 1
Size of the Save File: 482 MB uncompressed for the ISO
Download Save File: You can download the Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2. You can also download the Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2 and CPK Viewer Source Codes.

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The Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager Vol. 2 (D2SGM2) allows you to copy Dezaemon 2 save game files from CD/Backup Cartridge/FDD to Backup Cartridge/FDD. It is a homebrew tool for the Sega Saturn (so you need a mod chipped saturn or need to perform the swaptrick, it also works on emulator like SSF), developped by Madroms and based on the sourcecode of the Rockin'B's Save Game Manager (

This program has been released for Christmas 2008 and contains 74 games for Dezaemon 2 developped by Athena and released in 1997.
We previously released the Vol. 1 of D2SGM for Christmas 2007 where 118 games were available.

For each game, you can listen to one music sample and watch a video and some screenshots. The D2SGM2 contains a total of 1706 screenshots/pictures, 104 music samples and 74 videos.
Each game has 5 save game slots (named DEZA2___._01 to DEZA2___._05), all of them are the same. Just choose the one you want to copy. They are all recognized by Dezaemon 2 game (DEZA2___._01 = slot 1, and so on).

The D2SGM2 works on 352x240 resolution, so you need a RGB compatible TV to see all the lines on screen (info taken from the Sega Saturn programming doc). Else, try using the highres mode implemented (704x480 resolution) but I don't know if it resolves the problem.
The D2SGM2 must work on all Sega Saturn. I only tested it on EUR and JPN saturn with RGB cable on RGB compatible TV, and all works well.

This tool has been made with the help of:
 - Rockin'B: thanks for your Save Game Manager and your advices
 - IGK: really thanks for your help, your confidence and the beta tests you made + all the musics you recorded and all the videos you made!
 - NENG: thanks for your beautiful musics!
 - vbt: thanks for your help on Saturn coding and your advices
 - darius: thanks for the AR and PC COMMS Card
 - Raynex: Thanks for your beautiful intro screen!
 - all the members of The Dezaemoners community for their superb works

The Games and Musics that can be found on the D2SGM2 are copyrighted by Athena, A2TA, GISHU, HONG-KONG, IGK, ITON, Kenichiro, KEROYON, KONNICHIHA, leimonZ, mo4444, NENG, oda, Raynex, Sak, SAWAGANI, Shilfy-Yo, Shinichi Mochizuki, Shu Tokutomi, Soft Bank, TOROPICA and ttechi

Don't forget to visit the japanese Dezaemon Community website (may be broken nowadays):

Here is the list of games found on the Dezaemon 2 Save Game Manager 2.

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DEZAEMON 2 Games Database

The Dezaemon 2 Database will become the master list of all the games that have been developped with Dezaemon 2 for the Sega Saturn. More than a single list, it is a full database with a lot of informations provided for each entry.
This was made possible with the big help of the japanese Dezaemon Community: The Dezaemoners, The dezaemon@Wiki and all the great guys over there. Really thanks to all of them for sharing their splendid work with us.

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