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English lessons needed... 

Sega Saturn - Author - Murazame

We are working hard on writing english reviews but all of us lack time! (and maybe more abilities...)
Therefore, except for Pastel Muses by myself (also notice that i wrote those of Blast Wind, Akumajou-Dracula-X-Gekka-no-Yasoukyoku-, Hyper-Duel, Shining-Force-III-Scenario-1-Outo-no-Kyoshin, SteamGear-Mash, Zanma-Chou-Okugi-Valhollian; and Manjimaru is the author of Radiant Silvergun's), there is nothing this time except screenshots:
- Batsugun
- From-TV-Animation-Slam-Dunk-I-Love-Basketball
- Kaitei-Daisensou-Torppedoes-armed-and-ready
- Ninja-Jajamaru-kun-Onigiri-Ninpouchou-Gold
- ManX-TT-Super-Bike
- Steep-Slope-Sliders

Côté français, un grand merci au sieur Asta qui nous gratifie de pas moins de 4 nouveaux tests:
- Amok
- Seireki 1999-Pharaoh no Fukkatsu
- Tomb Raider
- Victory Goal Worldwide Edition/Sega Worldwide Soccer'97

Mon petit doigt me dit que d'autres sont en préparation.
Pour ma part:
- Pastel Muses


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