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Saturn Bomberman (Party Pac)

サターンボンバーマン パーティパック


Saturn Bomberman (Party Pac) (サターンボンバーマン パーティパック) is an Action - Puzzle game, developed and published by Hudson Soft Co., Ltd., which was released in Japan in 1996 for the Sega Saturn.

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Region: Japan
Developer: Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.
Publisher: Hudson Soft Co., Ltd.
Release Date: 1996-12-24
Release Price: 9980 Yens
Box / Packaging: Standard CD Case in a Box Set
Number of Players: 1~10 (Simultaneous)
Age Rating: Sega Saturn Database - No Rating has been Set
Official Barcode
Sega Saturn Database - Barcode (EAN): 4988607201111
Peripheral(s) Compatibility: Control Pad / Multi Controller / Multi Terminal 6
External Cartridge Required: None
Compatible with VideoCD Card: No
Rarity Rating:
Price Rating:

Sega Saturn Hardware Compatibility

In Game
In the Manual
On the Back Cover
Playability for non-japanese people95 %

Game Ratings
Satakore User Rating
9.6667 / 10
3 Ratings
SatMag (Jpn) Readers 8,1145 / 10 - [rank: 361 / 945]

Usage of Memory Backup: Yes
Minimum Memory Required: 1 (Normal Game) / 5 (Master Game)
Type of Backup: Game Progress / Config / High Scores
Type of Video Files: Cinepak 1.04
Type of Sound and Music Files: Unknown
Omake / Bonus(es) on CD: None

Data Collection
18 Items

#ItemInternal Code / Catalog
2Standard CD CaseNone
4Spine CardNone
5Back CoverNone
7Saturn Bomberman Goods FlyerNone
8Sbom Multitap / Sbom Joycard FlyerNone
9Cardboard BoxNone
10Interior Cardboard PackagingNone
11Sbom Joycard and its Plastic BagNone
12Sbom Joycard ManualNone
13Sbom Joycard AddendumNone
14Sbom Joycard Cardboard BoxNone
15Sbom MultitapNone
16Sbom Multitap ManualNone
17Sbom Multitap Cardboard BoxNone
18Sbom Multitap Interior Cardboard PackagingNone
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Picture of the Actual Game

Sega Saturn Game - Saturn Bomberman (Party Pac) (Japan) [T-14313G] - サターンボンバーマン パーティパック - Picture #1
Sega Saturn Game - Saturn Bomberman (Party Pac) (Japan) [T-14313G] - サターンボンバーマン パーティパック - Picture #2

Video(s) Made and Recorded by Ichigo

Flyer: No Flyer Available

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