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Sega Saturn News (Archive) - Page 30

Choses promises, choses dues... and more 

Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsAs promised one month ago, the first batch of our videos are now downloadable on Satakore (about 2.9 GB of videos). A link appeared under the Google Video / Youtube links on each page. The videos that are online are the first ones we made, so the quality is from medium to high. With the next batch that is already scheduled, you will be able to download very high quality videos.

Also, I did a lot of updates during the past few weeks:
- with the help of johnnyrio, about 10 more brazilian games have been added to the database
- more photos from gilles_sat, johnnyrio, Orochi Kyo and myself have been added
- one new entry has been filled by 750R
- I added the Age Rating for most of the USA games and some Brazilian games
- some new english reviews from Runaway Spacecowboy have been added: Christmas Nights, Duke Nukem 3D, Eartworm Jim 2, Gunbird, Quake and Worms
- some new english reviews from Asta and Cyberguile have been added: AMOK, Exhumed / Powerslave / Seireki 1999 ~Pharaoh no Fukkatsu~, Real Bout Garou Densetsu and Virtua Fighter
- I added some missing barcode and other minor info

I think I listed all the new things :P

See you on the next update.
 Author: Madroms Sat Jul 07, 2007 - 10:51 am
Game Basic and reviews 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms16 new programs have been added to the Game Basic Database. All of them have been made by Bits Laboratory.
1 new entry filled by 750R: Bust-A-Move 2 EUR
1 new photo from Orochi Kyo: Langrisser Tribute
A shitload of english reviews:
- Burning Rangers, Deep Fear, Dragon Force, Herc's Adventure, Ninpen Manmaru, Pro Yakyuu Greatest Nine 98 Summer Action, Radiant Silvergun, Sexy Parodius, Sonic R, Virtua Cop 2 and X-Men Vs. Street Fighter all made by Johnnyrio
- Battle Arena Toshinden Remix, Battle Arena Toshinden URA, Gradius Deluxe Pack and Waku Waku 7 all made by Runaway Spacecowboy

Thanks a lot to all the contributors for their great work!
 Author: Madroms Wed Jun 20, 2007 - 12:50 pm
One of our project is online: the Game Basic Database 

Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsWe are working on some "secret" projects for satakore and today, one of them has been put online: The Game Basic Database. We worked (more or less) on this project for about one year, since the day we have released the Lighting Gunner Demo.

The purpose of the Game Basic Database is to become the master list of all the Game Basic programs that have been made. Screenshots, videos and downloadable files are provided for each entry.

14 entries have been filed for the launch of the database. More entries will be added but only when screenshots and videos will be made.

You can now browse the database here: Game Basic Database, and a link has been added in the menu on the left.

vbt from Segaxtreme had and will contribute to this project. Thanks to him for his help.

See ya next week!
 Author: Madroms Sun Jun 10, 2007 - 08:25 am
Weekly update 

Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsWhat's new this week:
- I updated the database by adding 3 more games, 1 demo and updated 1 game's title.
- 750R filled another batch of entries ;)
- johnnyrio and Orochi Kyo sent me some new pictures
- johnnyrio edited/corrected my review of Game Basic for SegaSaturn and he made reviews for: Cotton 2, Game Tengoku ~the Game Paradise~, Keiou Yuugekitai and Digital Pinball Necronomicon.
- Runaway Spacecowboy, one new contributor, made reviews for: Baku Baku, Command & Conquer, Madou Monogatari, Scorcher and Vampire Savior.
I really want to thank both of them a lot for making such reviews (which are available in english on each game's page). Keep sending some new ones!
If some people want to contribute by writing (mini)-reviews for the site, just drop me a e-mail or use the contact form of the site. We need you! Thanks in advance.

Do you remember the videos made back in 2004 for ? They were available for direct download for some times. Now they are only available at Google Video and Youtube. Are you looking for them in their original forms with better quality that flash offers ?
We were probably the first site to let you download such videos for Sega Saturn (to let you discover some games for more than 1 or 2 mins).
The great news is these videos (and all the new ones) will be available here again for download in the near future. But for now, you can already grab the first part (38 videos) at the well known torrent site: UG (if you don't know the address, just contact me).
Just remember, the quality is not the best available since they were made in 2004 when codecs were not as powerful as the ones available today ;)
 Author: Madroms Sun Jun 03, 2007 - 03:34 am
English lessons needed... 

Sega Saturn - Author - MurazameHello,

We are working hard on writing english reviews but all of us lack time! (and maybe more abilities...)
Therefore, except for Pastel Muses by myself (also notice that i wrote those of Blast Wind, Akumajou-Dracula-X-Gekka-no-Yasoukyoku-, Hyper-Duel, Shining-Force-III-Scenario-1-Outo-no-Kyoshin, SteamGear-Mash, Zanma-Chou-Okugi-Valhollian; and Manjimaru is the author of Radiant Silvergun's), there is nothing this time except screenshots:
- Batsugun
- From-TV-Animation-Slam-Dunk-I-Love-Basketball
- Kaitei-Daisensou-Torppedoes-armed-and-ready
- Ninja-Jajamaru-kun-Onigiri-Ninpouchou-Gold
- ManX-TT-Super-Bike
- Steep-Slope-Sliders

Côté français, un grand merci au sieur Asta qui nous gratifie de pas moins de 4 nouveaux tests:
- Amok
- Seireki 1999-Pharaoh no Fukkatsu
- Tomb Raider
- Victory Goal Worldwide Edition/Sega Worldwide Soccer'97

Mon petit doigt me dit que d'autres sont en préparation.
Pour ma part:
- Pastel Muses

 Author: Murazame Fri May 25, 2007 - 08:37 am

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