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Sega Saturn News (Archive) - Page 32


Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsThe site could be unavailable during the next few days for 24 to 48 hours.
We apologize for all inconveniences.
 Author: Madroms Mon Apr 23, 2007 - 11:13 am

Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsAs I said last week-end, I put online 50-100 new/updated photos of games and demos.
I also added more than 90% of the mini-covers for the demos part of the saturn engine. This is something I planned to do for more than 6 months. So I decided to do that this sunday. It took me all the afternoon. So I didn't have any time left to do something else for the site.

Also, we have a new contributor this week: Orochi Kyo from Spain. He already took 3 photos of games from his collection: D English version, Cyberia and Black Dawn, both european versions. Welcome guy, and keep sending me some new pictures! ;)

See ya next week.
 Author: Madroms Sun Apr 22, 2007 - 11:49 am
Blah blah blah... 

Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsThis week:
- Welcome to our new contributors: Asta, Shaolin soul and Cyberguile. Keep sending me some reviews guys !
- Some mini-reviews added: Sonic Jam JPN and Steep Slope Sliders (all Versions), thanks to Shaolin soul
- Some other mini-reviews added: Marica JPN, X-Japan JPN, thanks to Murazame
- Another batch of ratings, thanks to Asta
- Info added for Sega Touring Car Championship EUR, thanks to 750R
- One demo saw its name changed
- One demo has been added
- 50-100 pictures have been taken this week-end. I will put them online next week.

 Author: Madroms Sun Apr 15, 2007 - 11:49 am
Being late... 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms...but update is here. As I need to work during the past week-end (all Sunday and Monday), I am late for this news.

Another batch of rating provided by slayer (new contributor, thanks for your help ;) ) and 750R.
Like every week, 750R provided some data for a few European games.

And I filled 2 entries myself, with little review, screenshots and video:
-Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SuperS ~Various Emotion~ JPN
-DonPachi JPN
(Sorry Murazame, I saw that you wanted to make screenshots for this one just after I finished to do them. Sure, I will check your list the next time ;) )
 Author: Madroms Thu Apr 12, 2007 - 05:47 am
It's time 

Sega Saturn - Author - MadromsMore ratings have been added this week. Thanks to Shaolin soul and Yogi_OM for providing some missing ratings from Megaforce and Consoles+ magazines and for providing some ratings from another french magazine: Console News.

I also added the contributors page (under the Community section) to thanks all the people who helped us.

750R let me filled some new european game data. Thanks again ;)

And, as promised, videos are back. This week, I made the video + screenshots + little review of:
-Motteke Tamago with Ganbare! Kamonohashi JPN
This is a special request from Thibaut ;)

See you next week.

 Author: Madroms Sun Apr 01, 2007 - 04:46 am

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