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Sega Saturn News (Archive) - Page 18

Level 50 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
What happens when you will reach level 50 ?
More Power ?
More Health ?
More Magic ?
New Item ?

Who knows. A little effort and you will see ;)

Alt. Versions - Collector's Point of View 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
From a collector's point of view, having a complete collection is sometimes a goal. Everybody has a different definition of what a complete collection is. It could be: all the games released, all the games released and their variations, all the games and not for sale titles, etc.

A lot of Saturn collectors try to get a complete collection of games released in the US. Games only, not demos. Ok, it is not so difficult to achieve. Then, sometimes, the collection goes a little further than that.

Working Designs is well known in the US to have released some beautiful packages and translations of Japanese games. On the Saturn, they did the same. Particularly, they made some alternate versions for 3 games: Albert Odyssey released with 2 different CD artworks (and a revision of its manual), Magic Knight Rayearth released with 3 different CD artworks and Dragon Force released with no less than 4 different CD artworks and 3 different Backup RAM Cartridge stickers.
This is enough for collectors to try getting all of these alternative versions.

The best for you, Saturn collectors, is to know what to look for and we, at, try to help you.

You can already see what the Magic Knight Rayearth CD artworks look:

Sega Saturn Database - Magic Knight Rayearth USA [T-12706H] - All 3 different CD artworks

Same goes for Dragon Force:

Sega Saturn Database - Dragon Force USA [T-12703H] - All 4 different CD artworks and 3 different backup RAM cartridge stickers

(Albert Odyssey will come soon).

Great, isn't it ?
But having the possibility to track down these Alternative Versions is better. This is what we thought. And this is why you can also manage this part of your collection at! Browse directly to The Minor Revisions / Alt. Versions page to see all the games and demos that could be managed this way.

And just for our US Collectors, here is a less known alternative version, for the Not For Sale 3 Free Games Pack:

Sega Saturn Database - 3 Free Games With Purchase of Sega Saturn (Daytona USA - Virtua Fighter 2 - Virtua Cop) USA [81606] - 2 different packagings

There are also some Alt. Versions for Japanese games. We will show you soon some great stuff to collect ;)

Sega Saturn Revisions and Alt Versions 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
After only 1 week, we already have some submissions from our members F1ReB4LL and pxl.

F1ReB4LL helped us on the Sega Saturn Revisions by adding some new games and some new revisions he found for these titles, all Japanese:
DX Jinsei Game
Fighting Vipers
J.League Pro Soccer Club wo Tsukurou! 2
Nippon Daihyou Team no Kantoku ni Narou! Sekaihatsu Soccer RPG
Pro Yakyuu Team mo Tsukurou!
Street Fighter Zero
Super Robot Taisen F

He also helped us by filling some missing serial numbers on the Data Collection.

pxl helped us on the Sega Saturn Minor Revisions / Alt. Versions, notably on the Plastic EU Case games.

Thanks to both of them. Keep sending data! ;)

And myself:
I added an alternate manual for the european version of Casper
I replaced the serial number of the south Korean version of Daytona USA
I filled some missing serial numbers on the Data Collection

Launch of the new version of - The Ultimate Sega Saturn Source 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
Welcome to the new version of - The Ultimate Sega Saturn Source

The site is still in beta, but it is now online for all of you, after so much work and so much time spent on it :D

First of all, really thanks to all of our beta testers: DemonKN, gilles_sat, infernalcombustion, pxl, Shaolinsoul, sheath, sonix, Stuart36, synbiosfan and Yart (registered) plus Drury and rorirub (not registered).

So, among the innovations:
  • whole site coded in UTF-8
  • whole site recoded for better optimisation
  • New host for better experience in browsing
  • The Host is now fully compatible with IPv6
  • Privacy Policy + Terms and Conditions added (links at the bottom). Please read them as you need to accept them to use
  • Each page has now its own counter (on the right)
  • QR Code added for our Smartphone addicts ;)
  • The Database has been updated:
    • Some new games added (more than 24)
    • Some new demos added (more than 9)
    • Ability to search by Japanese and Korean titles
    • Displaying alternate Serial Numbers in the search results
    • Displaying alternate Japanese and Korean titles in the search results
    • Better overall presentation
    • All the Japanese titles have been checked and revised if necessary
    • Sega Saturn "Best of Games" modified and now maintained by Murazame
    • Adding some new information to each entry:
  • is online:
    • Register as a member
    • Manage your profile
    • Change the background color of the site (maybe you will be able to have complete new templates in the future)
    • Manage your collection for each game/demo in Standard Mode: just manage your games and demos easily. You will have to define the completion of the game/demo as a whole.
    • Manage your collection for each game/demo in Full Mode: if you want to manage all the items in your collection. You will have to define the completion of your game/demo for EVERY items that make the game/demo complete, like CD, Manual, Case, Back Cover, Spincard, Regcard, etc.
    • We are the only Sega Saturn website, and probably the only videogame website on all the Internet, that let you manage your collection with so much details: you can manage EVERY items of every games. This is not just a list of cover/manual/disc computed automatically but a list made by me by checking manually every games and demos. Right now, there are more than 14 300 items and their associated serial numbers listed on, just for the Sega Saturn.
    • Manage your collection: check the state of your collection directly on the search result
    • Manage your collection: check your stats directly on the database
    • Check who has which game
    • Manage your collection of Revisions and check who have them
    • Manage your collection of Minor Revisions and check who have them
    • Manage your collection of Promo Sleeves and check who have them
    • Check other members' collection (if they let you see them) and their stats
    • See the Stats of all the members on a special page
    • You can rate every games and demos
    • You can see on the search engine and on each game's page the average ratings given by members
    • You can see on the search engine the ratings given by members
  • And many more...

Some works need to be completed, like adding a lot of new pictures, infos and other things. This will be for future updates ;)

Enough talk, have fun with this new version!

Delisoba Deluxe 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms

Delisoba Deluxe JPN [610-6803] cover

Delisoba Deluxe is one of the most sought after "not for sale" title on the Sega Saturn and probably the most well known.

It is not the most expensive title (2-3 other titles are more expensive than Delisoba Deluxe) but nevertheless it fetches high price on the market. If you are lucky enough, you can find it complete in mint condition for about 450-500 Euros (55 000 Yens / 700 USD as of today) but you have more chance to find it for more, likely 750 Euros (85 000 Yens / 1 000 USD).

It is also not the rarest title of the Sega Saturn library. Despite its value, you can find it quite easily in Japan. On the "rarest scale", you can count more than 15 titles (games and not for sale titles) that are more difficult to get. As always, expensive does not mean rare.

Delisoba Deluxe (which stands for Deliver Soba), developped by Cave, is a "game" given away at the Tokyo Friend Park II TV-show made by TBS (Tokyo Broadcasting System). In this show, contestants have to complete a certain amount of mini-games, one of them being Delisoba. This is "a two player game in which one player races to checkpoints in a video game to deliver soba in a set amount of time, while the other sits at the back and holds the soba to be delivered. If the player crashes into an obstacle in the game, the players on the seat will also feel the impact and drop the delivery they are holding, simulating what occurs in the video game" (description found on the internet on different websites, original publisher unknown).
Delisoba Deluxe for Sega Saturn is the remake of this mini-game.

Some years later, the Delisoba mini-game has been updated and has been named Delisoba Gold. Here is the official page at

You can find some videos of the actual TV-show on Youtube. Here are 2 of them showing Delisoba mini-game:
- Delisoba
- Delisoba Gold

For the first time on the internet (in my knowledge), here are some screenshots and a video (Youtube + downloadable high quality) showing Delisoba Deluxe in action:,,610-6803,,Delisoba-Deluxe-JPN.html

Delisoba Deluxe - Screenshot 3 Delisoba Deluxe - Screenshot 22

This is probably a big news for a lot of you, and I am happy to share this. But I assure you, you must wait for something BIGGER in some weeks ;) For now, enjoy the show!

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