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Sega Saturn News (Archive) - Page 13

Hardware Database Part 1 - Sega Saturn Consoles 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
We began to work on the Hardware Database lately. When the work will be done, it will be divided in 2 parts: Consoles and Accessories.

Part 1 - Sega Saturn Consoles
Making the list of Sega Saturn Consoles is not as easy as we could think at the beginning. A lot of box variations, sleeve variations and sticker variations were released all over the world. American (US and other countries from North and maybe South America), European and Australian Sega Saturn lists are the most difficult ones to complete. This is why we really need your help.

You probably have one or more boxed Sega Saturn at home, right ? So, please tell us some basic information about them and let the list grows.
You will find the WIP list and which type of information we are looking for directly on the List of Sega Saturn Consoles page.
A dedicated thread on the forum has been made: Help needed on Every Saturn Boxes

Thanks in advance for any help you could provide.
FF on Sega Saturn!? 

Sega Saturn - Author - Murazame

On continue notre petit bonhomme de chemin, toujours dans le rpg, avec la review du premier titre du genre sorti sur la console, et une autre, celle de FF, une exclusivité Sega Saturn :)

Funky Fantasy JPN [T-20002G] cover Virtual Hydlide JPN [GS-9012] cover

Et la mise à jour des textes de Master-of-Monsters-Neo-Generations et de SteamGear-Mash.

Une histoire de mascottes. 

Sega Saturn - Author - Murazame
Hi everyone,

Cette semaine, retour au pays des rpgs nippons avec deux titres qui vous content les tragédies de Kemokemo et Puchimuku:

Bouken-Katsugeki-Monomono JPN [T-21508G] cover Linkle-Liver-Story JPN [GS-9055] cover

ps: leurs notes étoilées subiront sans doute une légère modification mais rien de bien significatif. Done.

Great things soon to come! when it's done!


New Sega Saturn Store Opened! 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
We worked hard since our previous news to achieve something better with the store.
We just finished the biggest part today: the Sega Saturn Store now has its own page for every games and demos.
You can find 2 links on the left, between ENGINES and EXTRAS:
- one for Sega Saturn Games for sale
- one for Sega Saturn Demos for sale

You will also find this new button Sega Saturn Database - Sega Saturn Store on every pages of the database, under the cover of each games and demos. This is a direct link to the store for the game and demo you are looking for.

We hope this new store will give you a better experience on and that it will be used intensively, according to your needs ;)

One million searches 

Sega Saturn - Author - Madroms
To celebrate the one million searches done (,,1,,0,,1.html), we have added a new feature on the site that is really useful for you, our users, that want to buy specific games to complete your collection.

Instead of doing manual searches on eBay to find games to buy (you will be agree with me, this is tedious and time consuming mainly when you want to do multiple searches), just stay on and browse the pages of games you are looking for. You will now find a special search box, just before the multimedia data (pictures, photos, videos), that will give you the available items for sale on eBay (eBay sites chosen according to multiple criteria like version of the games, where you live -so it is important to register and fill your profile, specifically the country you are living in, for more accurate results-, etc.).
Specific search terms have been developed (we worked hard on them!) just to give you the more accurate results.

You will also find links to some other eBay sites (always chosen with specific criteria) just to give you more results if you need some ;)

Just go to the Forum and tell us what you think about this!

On a side note, we just added new version of 2 European games, thanks to Aleph for finding them!

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